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At Intimate Designs, we understand that certain things may not appear essential to others, or even to ourselves, until a minor tragedy occurs - a broken underwire, bent hooks, or your bras just picked this particular time to die of old age.


We are available at the Independence store, 816-833-7999, to help you out. Please call and make an appointment, as we can only help a certain number of customers at any one time.


If you have a special order that is prepaid, we will mail it to you when it arrives. If it’s not prepaid, we’ll give you a call first so that you can pay with a credit card.


If you’re one of our regulars and are in need of more of the same style bras you have, or need fabric care, please call us. We can check our stock and then mail, arrange for curbside service for you to pick up, or come in - whatever makes you the most comfortable.


You’re all very important to us, and we thank you for continuing to support us! Since this current situation is complex and ever-changing, our plans may change, also. Please continue to be patient as we all work through this together.

Life is too Short to Wear a Bra that Doesn't Fit!

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