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Why Be Fitted?

Do you feel more comfortable when you slip into your bra, or when you finally get to take it off at night? More than likely, it just doesn't fit you.

Research indicates that approximately 85% of women don't wear the correct size bra. A well-fitted bra should feel comfortable and compliment your natural shape. Once we determine the correct size for you, Intimate Designs can help you find the perfect bra in just the right fabric and color. Confidence comes from within, and it's easier to feel confident when you know you're wearing a bra that fits and flatters your shape.

Wearing the wrong size bra can also cause back problems, headaches, rashes and more. A poorly fitting bra doesn't support your breasts, causing strain on your shoulder muscles, which can result in headaches and backaches. A properly fitting bra not only looks good, it's good for your health.

Note: The measurement is just a starting point. Different styles fit differently, and each style must be tried on to assure a proper fit.

At Intimate Designs, one of the most important things we feel we can do is educate you on how a bra should fit. Here's some questions to consider that will help you help us when you come in.

Common Questions & Problems


Why does my bra ride up so high on my back?

The band size is too large. One of the most common problems made by stores that "measure" you, but don't "fit" you (or if you're just buying on your own) is getting too large of a band size and too small of a cup size. We'll give you a professional fitting - and you'll feel the difference!


My straps painfully dig into my shoulders. Is this just something I have to live with?

The band size is too large. The strap around your back should be providing the main support. If it's too large, then your shoulder straps have to provide the support. Switch to a smaller band size.


Why do my bra cups pucker?

The cup size is too large. If you've been losing weight, you should be fitted again.


My breast tissue by my underarms is falling out. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Your current bra cup size is too small, forcing your breast tissue out, mainly into your underarms. Wearing the right size bra (cup and band size), combined with putting it on correctly, should fix your problem.


I get rashes and redness underneath my breasts.

If the band size is too large, the band can be against your lower-breast tissue, instead of properly resting up against your ribcage.


One cup fits fine, but the other is too large. Are there any solutions for not being the same size on both sides?

Virtually all women have different sized breasts, so don't feel alone. If the difference is significant enough that your bra fits on one size, but not the other, then we can help you! We have several options for you, from bump pads for your smaller side, to altering your bra for a balanced fit.


The underwires either stick out at the front or poke me under my arms

The cup size is too small and not fitting properly.


My shoulder straps keep falling off my shoulders.

Your band size could be too large, or the straps need to be tightened. If not, you simply may have narrow shoulders (many women do). We can alter your bra by moving the straps closer together for a perfect fit.


My breasts bulge over the top of my bra, to point of having a "quadra-boob." Help!

Your cup size is too small. It's also possible that you're buying the wrong style of bra and need a fuller coverage cup. Or both.


There seems to be too large of a space between the cups of my bra.

If the bra fits in every other way, we can alter it and bring the cups closer together.


Is it possible that I wear a different size in one bra than I do in another?

Bra sizes can vary from one manufacturer to the next. In fact, some styles from the same manufacturer may fit you differently. One more good reason to be fitted and given several options in style and manufacturer.


I'm full-figured. Do I have to wear only underwire bras?

No, but you need to consider that while a soft cup bra might feel more comfortable, it doesn't shape your breasts. A properly sized underwire can be both comfortable AND provide nice shaping to your breasts.


I've simply never owned a bra that was comfortable.

Many women buy the same size bra that they wore when they graduated high school. It doesn't fit, but they still wear it. Since you've found this site, you've taken the first step towards understanding that a properly fitted bra can make a very positive change in your lifestyle. As you've probably discovered, grabbing a bra off the rack at the same store that you buy motor oil and Cheetos isn't going to work. You might save a few dollars, but is your everyday comfort worth it? It's time to start taking care of yourself. It's time for a professional bra fitting.


What's the best way to wash my bras? I've always just tossed them in the washing machine.

We recommend a fabric care like Forever New, and hand-washing. A washing machine, and especially a dryer, are too hard on delicate fabrics, making them wear out much quicker. Forever New is formulated to remove body oils, preserve the color of the fabric, and helps extend the life of your bras (and panties).

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